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His Eyes Were Clear And Pure

But His Mind Was So Deranged

the mole
16 March 1978
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Hello, I am the mole. Unfortunately, here, I am not "the mole," as the name was already taken. So was "mr mole," which is what I go by in other venues. Thus, I shall be called momar_mole. I currently live in Chicago (as I have for most of my life) and attend graduate school here, where I am studying geophysics. As with all good geologists, I enjoy drinking quite a bit, although most of them prefer beer. Not me. I am what some have affectionately referred to as a "wine snob." As such, I fear that this site will often devolve into a wine blog, but I can live with that if you can. This is my first forray into the online journal-having community, so bear with me as I work out the kinks . . .

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