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Step Into Yesterday | Tomorrow's Verse


The game is now two minutes old, and I still have no idea who I want to win. Normally, this would be an easy call: Green Bay is Chicago's biggest rival and I have family from western Pennsylvania; the Steelers have always been my second favorite team. However, I really, truly loathe Ben Roethlisberger, whereas I find it hard to hate this particular Packers team. I guess what I'm hoping for is an entertaining, close game. And for stupid FOX not to go overboard with their shameless self-promotion. Yeah…I have I feeling I'll be disappointed with that last one.



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Feb. 7th, 2011 12:30 am (UTC)
Sports post?! I'm in! I could not care less about the Super Bowl as well, but I am going for many in the loosest sense of the phrase) the Steelers. This is a decision based on many very important factors. 1. The Packers have ugly uniforms. 2. An old annoying co-worker was a huge Packers fan. 3. Bret Farve is annoying. (I know he technically isn't a Packer, but still...) 4.The Steelers have that one dude with the really cool hair. (Google tells me his name is Troy Polamalu. That's one glorious head of hair.) Though it seems that the score is now 14-3 and the Packers are up. Not so good.

On a side note, I am on Day 3 of my Return to the Internet following the Great Internet Shortage of 2010-11, so be on the lookout for a rather late(r than normal) reply to that Phish concert post. It's coming!

Feb. 7th, 2011 12:40 am (UTC)
Those are compelling reasons, and I salute them. Yeah, I have found myself rooting for the Steelers, as well. Plus, the stupid rapist quarterback appears to be playing on a bum knee! So maybe they could win, but he could ruin his career. That'd make me happy.

Troy Polamalu does have fantastic hair, but on the other side of things, Clay Matthews has pretty awesome hair, too. However, he also has a kind of Neanderthal thing kicking. So I think Troy wins.

I had not realized there was a Great Internet Shortage! Also, this reminds me that I have yet to review the second set of that show, which contains what is probably the second greatest jam of the year. Actually, it was the greatest jam of the year, until the New Years Eve "Ghost" happened. I'll have to do this, soon.

ETA: I forgot to say, Bret Favre is annoying. One of the biggest reason I even like the current Packers team is because Aaron Rodgers was screwed over by Favre. Also, I knew a chick who worked at The Pipefitter (a pipe and various other mechandise store in Madison, WI) who met Bret Favre and assured me that he was the biggest of cocks. I hate Bret Favre. That is all.

Edited at 2011-02-07 01:39 am (UTC)
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