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Step Into Yesterday | Tomorrow's Verse


So, here's how everything's going after the first weekend:

After much trial and error, I think the easiest way to do this will be to break it down by region, and then again by round. Also, it makes it easier if I just tell you who I had losing, and how far I had them going. We don't want to be here all day, after all.

Round 1:

Let me just start off by saying I am in love with the East, so far. In the first round, the only mistake I made was picking Georgia. And I only had them winning that game, so it was no big deal, at all.

Round 2:
NOTHING. THAT'S RIGHT, NOTHING! My bracket says: OSU, UK, Marquette, UNC. I love you, East!

Round 1:

This is not quite as nice as the East region, but it almost is. I had Tennessee beating Michigan and I had Memphis beating Arizona. But again, I had them both going out in the next round, so it's not really a huge loss.

Round 2:
So, as you might've been able to guess, I did NOT have Arizona beating Texas, since I didn't even have them playing, today. I figured that Texas would have the honor of losing to Duke. BUT, this was the only mistake I made. I've got Duke, San Diego State, and UConn all in the Sweet 16. Now you might say, "But Dave, isn't that just chalk? And isn't picking Texas to be there ALSO chalk?" To which I say, "SHADDUP, HOW DARE U?!?"

If you're keeping track, this means I've only missed a total of FOUR games in the East and West regions, so far. I say this as a way to boost my ego, in light of the awful, awful revelations that are forthcoming…

Round 1:

Yeah, this is where things go south, and quickly. I only went 50% in the first round. I had Old Dominion beating Butler, before losing to Pitt; Utah State upsetting Kansas State, on their way to a "WTF" Sweet 16 match-up with, again, Pitt; Belmont besting Wisconsin before falling to Utah State, and Michigan State over UCLA, eventually losing to BYU in the Sweet 16. D'oh!

Round 2:
LOL, as you might've already surmised, this was problematic for me, as well. I had Pitt in the Elite 8, so their loss hurt. I didn't have Kansas State or Wisconsin even playing today, so that was a fail before the ball even tipped. And I also had Michigan State beating the stupid Gators on their way to the Sweet 16, so the only thing I have circled is BYU. In fact, BYU is the only team I have left alive in the entire region. Luckily, I have them making the Final Four. So now I just need that to happen.

Round 1:

So now we've come around to the biggest fail boat of them all, the region that should just be replaced by a giant middle finger. First of all, I didn't even pick Virginia Commonwealth to make the field of 64, so there's my first problem. Now, onto Louisville. Just when I think I can't hate the Cardinals enough, they go and prove me wrong. First, they lose to Morehead State, AKA "Who??" Never mind that I have them in the Elite 8. But THEN, they also made it so I have to listen to Rick Pitino in every goddamn pregame/halftime/postgame segment for the rest of the weekend. Thanks for nothing, Lousiville. I also had Vandy and St. Peter's, whoever the hell they are, winning their first round games. True story, when I was looking at the Purdue v. St. Peter's match-up, I though to myself, "I need more upsets in my bracket! Okay!" And I had Georgetown in the Sweet 16… so, fail.

Round 2:
Here's the good news: I had Kansas beating Illinois. W00t! Here's the bad news, aside from not having Richmond advance past the first round or having VCU in the actual tournament, I have Notre Dame—wait for it… IN THE FINALS. LOSING TO UCONN. THIS IS NOT GOOD. True, this game is not yet over. But, come on. ND is known for slowing the game down and keeping the scores low. Being down by 17 points with 10 minutes to go is NOT promising, people. Damn you, Florida State! And I normally like you in a "I will root for Florida's main rival" way, too. IDK, maybe by posting this I will jinx them and the Irish will stage an epic comeback? Yeah, I don't think so.

In other tournament-style ramblings, I really like this "not cutting away from games" thing they're doing this year, but I find myself getting stuck on one game for too long! My remote skills clearly need work. Or I need 3 more TVs. Probably the latter. Oh, and if I hear "Empire State of Mind" just ONE more time, I might go on a killing spree. So be happy that you all live far away from me, because they'll play it again during the next commercial break, I'm pretty certain.

Also, what the hell is going on with people's haircuts? Have we really come back around to the whole "You know what would be cool? Shaving strange designs into our heads!" movement?? What's next, the Kid-N-Play look? I already heard that Starter jackets are making a comeback. Here's a prediction: "getting stuck up for your goddamn JACKET" will also be making a comeback. PEOPLE, I LIVED THROUGH THE LATE '80s/EARLY '90s… IT WASN'T A GOOD IDEA, THEN, EITHER!